December 01, 2009

The Dress and so much for DIY!

So much for DIY!

After talking to Mrs. Crispell, I decided it was more important that my parents and I enjoy the last day of "Alison Konrad" and the first day of "Alison Greiving" then being a completely DIY wedding.

So we now have a caterer! One of the nurses that comes to my house to help take care of my grandmother, has a sister who owns a catering company. I talked with the nurse this past week while I was home for thanksgiving. They've done many brunches and weddings, and basically said they can make whatever we to my ears, or shall I say food to my lips? So, for the brunch, the most important food item to me is something with smoked salmon, capers, and cream cheese...maybe a Bagel and Lox souffle! We shall see.

The backyard looks lovely, and coincidentally, we now have all the plants that blossom into the flowers I want to my bouquet. We'll see if they'll be in bloom by May...

But MOST importantly, I've found some direction as to the Wedding Dress! My mother and I have been looking for dresses in our price range that are modest (need no or little altering), and just today, I've found three! I've fallen in love. I want it to be a surprise of course but here's a link to a site of beautiful dresses of which I have selected one (Tim, don't look! <3). I'm also considering a J. Crew dress, and a 50's style dress created by Dolly Couture. I have not decided on one and probably won't for a bit. I am just overjoyed that I've finally found dresses that I like. Honestly, of the thousands I've looked at, I only like these three.

I feel a bit sloth-ish for not having posted anything in November, but I'm not even sure anyone checks other than my Maid of Honor. :). I'm just thankful to have a spot to keep me accountable to actually getting this wedding planned, as well as a space to organize my thoughts.

Love, Moi

P.S. I'm glad the pumpkin scone recipe was well received!  This thanksgiving, I baked to my hearts desire and my waistline's contempt and found this recipe. It is absolutly wonderful, the best, most delcious ginger bread I've ever had. ("hungry girl" forgot to write in the 1/2 c. brown sugar that was in the original Martha Stewart recipe. I assume t'was an accident). It is beautiful fresh and spicy!

Here's hungry girl por vida's picture of it...glorious!

October 30, 2009

My mind, I fear, has not been on wedding planning...

It's been on being married!

I can't wait to marry Tim. One day I will bake s'mores cookies for him in my own little kitchen, and we will get to eat them together because we will live together! I know marriage doesn't solve everything, but being engaged has just been absolutely blissful. I can only imagine marriage being so much better!

This weekend we're going to visit Tim's best man Tim and his wife Katy. Hopefully T-Hass will have more pleasant weather than Tampa...I miss Pennsylvania.

If you want to see what I want my wedding to look like, go to the library and borrow their issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2009. It is my new inspiration board, from using tree branches instead of flowers to having a honey and cheese platter at the reception. It's all lovely.

Also, we've had our photographer picked out since we started dating. Tim's cousin Laura is my favorite photographer. With Laura, I know we can talk about all that we could possibly want in photographs, and she will come through with better than we thought possible. This Christmas we are doing our engagement pictures with her, and I can't wait to hear her ideas and share some of my own.
Here's her lovely blog!

Have a wonderful Halloween weekend...if that's your thing!

-AK (soon-to-be AG)

October 06, 2009

A Bridal Tea

I had the pleasure of throwing a Bride's Tea the Sunday before last. Since there was an influx of marriage proposals this past summer, there are plenty of gals I go to church or school with who are also experiencing the throes and joys of wedding planning. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a photographer, but I want to display the ambiance of our pre-vespers tea.

The mauve nails are Alexa's, a girl from church.  She is probably the most prepared and planned of the bunch. Clockwise is moi, the only yellow gold engagement ring (which is just how I want it).  Next is Paula, whom I had never talked to before my tea party. She is having sushi at her wedding, and if I weren't serving smoked salmon at mine...I'd be jealous.  And then Nicole, who is engaged to Nathan—my Tim's friend and fellow film score roundtable comrade.

It was an absolutely splendid affair with cucumber mint tea sandwiches, Carr's Lemon Ginger cookies, peanut butter and jelly thumbprint cookies from the latest Martha Stewart Living catalog, and pumpkin scones (recipe here). You should really make these scones. My future grandma-in-law said it is the best scone recipe she has ever tasted, and I have to agree. (Mom, I'm making these on Thanksgiving morning for sure.) 

I want to take this moment to announce that my fiance will, as a gift to me, be composing the music we will use during the ceremony! He'd been planning it for some time and I had no idea. I really like that he has gotten into the DIY aspect of our wedding. He's composing the music AND designing the save-the-date's and invitations!

This past Monday morning I had the pleasure of having coffee with Mrs. Crispell. She is the wife of the dean of students at FC, and she was on the France trip with my mother and me this summer. She is a smart and beautiful gal.  Not only is she splendid, but she also has a lot of experience with wedding planning and coordinating, so she agreed to meet with me just to answer any questions I had about the process (I'm embarrassed to say it, but I didn't know that wedding showers aren't supposed to be planned by the mom and mom-in-law! Glad I do now!), and just a few helpful hints to make the best day of my life really the best day of my life (looks like having a day-of coordinator is a good idea...will be making a few phone calls this weekend!)

My birthday at Hollywood Studios!

This weekend Tim and I are going to Orlando for the Epcot Food Festival. We're going to stay with his Aunt Tricia and Uncle Herb and look up some recommendations from one of my absolute favorite blogs. One of the first recipes Tim and I made as a couple was her homemade ice cream...and I'm probably going to go make her pumpkin blossom cookies with the Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses they have at Target.

And I need to go on a pre-wedding diet while I'm at it.  :)

September 24, 2009

1st pre-marriage counseling session!

Please say a prayer for Tim and me, for tonight is our first premarital professional counseling session! We've carefully selected a professional Christian counselor who can speak light into the darkness for us, like so many Christian friends already have. 

We are taking this step not so much because we have a ton of issues we need to work out, but to learn how to prevent issues. We pray that these sessions, as well as some we plan to schedule with a couple from church, will help prepare us to be better soldiers of Christ. Please pray for our wisdom and humility! 

We need therapy cause we crazy! <3 My beautiful little cousin Mia took this picture.

September 23, 2009

Thank you, Mommy!

I talked to my matron-of-honor today (my wonderful mother).

We talked about the possibility of asking one of the girls at my church in Pittsburgh to be my wedding coordinator. A lot of my engaged girlfriends have a coordinator friend...but I'm not convinced I need one. Since my wedding is all family and a few friends, I imagine everyone will be willing (and able) to pitch in and help out. I have a wonderful family and am marrying into another wonderful family, so I'm sure I'll have no want of helpers!

My backyard is being re-landscaped for the wedding! The landscaper said he'd have a lot of it done by Thanksgiving, so I'll get some pictures up.

Bad news: My hoped-upon caterer has a fulltime job, so she won't be able to cater the wedding. Ah, but this wedding is DIY, so Mom and I decided we'd just borrow the neighbors' ovens and make the brunch buffet reception ourselves! 

Speaking of food...I just called Coco's cupcakes about our wedding cakes. We're having french toast with bacon and blueberry pancake cupcakes. The only problem is how many of each? And how many people will really want a cupcake with bacon on it? (They shouldn't's AMAZING.) I'm thinking since Mr. Wonderful is making the invitations himself (isn't he really wonderful for taking part in the DIY aspect?), he can add one of those option cards to our know, "Please circle the cupcake of your choice." Though they'll probably have to be on the save-the-date cards so we can get the order in early enough. But—oh no—RSVP's don't come with save-the-date's! 

Any ideas for my first predicament in wedding planning?

P.S. The pic is of my mom in Audrey Hepburn's old haunt, Angelina's, in Paris...drinking Chocolate L'African (recipe for the famous hot chocolate here). 


Hello! My fiancĂ© set up this blog for me so I can share the wedding planning process with my friends and family, and also keep my mom updated on how I'm doing (I love you, Mom!). Thanks to all of you in advance for all of your help and advice! 

Wedding Date: May 15, 2009
Where? Pittsburgh, PA. More specifically, in my childhood home backyard.

My primary source of inspiration is A Backyard Wedding. This girl put together a beautiful, creative, do-it-yourself wedding on a $10,000 budget. So I'm going to have to learn MLA citation format for weddings. Can you plagiarize a wedding? Because I'm tempted, and I probably will.

When mon amour, Tim, teaches me how to post pictures I will have some pictures up of my various thoughts and ideas.

Au Revoir!