September 24, 2009

1st pre-marriage counseling session!

Please say a prayer for Tim and me, for tonight is our first premarital professional counseling session! We've carefully selected a professional Christian counselor who can speak light into the darkness for us, like so many Christian friends already have. 

We are taking this step not so much because we have a ton of issues we need to work out, but to learn how to prevent issues. We pray that these sessions, as well as some we plan to schedule with a couple from church, will help prepare us to be better soldiers of Christ. Please pray for our wisdom and humility! 

We need therapy cause we crazy! <3 My beautiful little cousin Mia took this picture.


  1. Best of luck...I think this is a grand idea!

  2. Oh, good luck! We had fun in pre-marital counseling because out pastor is hilarious. It did get a little uncomfortable when we had the talk of the intimate nature, though. (I mean, it's your pastor, ya know?!)