September 23, 2009


Hello! My fiancé set up this blog for me so I can share the wedding planning process with my friends and family, and also keep my mom updated on how I'm doing (I love you, Mom!). Thanks to all of you in advance for all of your help and advice! 

Wedding Date: May 15, 2009
Where? Pittsburgh, PA. More specifically, in my childhood home backyard.

My primary source of inspiration is A Backyard Wedding. This girl put together a beautiful, creative, do-it-yourself wedding on a $10,000 budget. So I'm going to have to learn MLA citation format for weddings. Can you plagiarize a wedding? Because I'm tempted, and I probably will.

When mon amour, Tim, teaches me how to post pictures I will have some pictures up of my various thoughts and ideas.

Au Revoir!

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