September 23, 2009

Thank you, Mommy!

I talked to my matron-of-honor today (my wonderful mother).

We talked about the possibility of asking one of the girls at my church in Pittsburgh to be my wedding coordinator. A lot of my engaged girlfriends have a coordinator friend...but I'm not convinced I need one. Since my wedding is all family and a few friends, I imagine everyone will be willing (and able) to pitch in and help out. I have a wonderful family and am marrying into another wonderful family, so I'm sure I'll have no want of helpers!

My backyard is being re-landscaped for the wedding! The landscaper said he'd have a lot of it done by Thanksgiving, so I'll get some pictures up.

Bad news: My hoped-upon caterer has a fulltime job, so she won't be able to cater the wedding. Ah, but this wedding is DIY, so Mom and I decided we'd just borrow the neighbors' ovens and make the brunch buffet reception ourselves! 

Speaking of food...I just called Coco's cupcakes about our wedding cakes. We're having french toast with bacon and blueberry pancake cupcakes. The only problem is how many of each? And how many people will really want a cupcake with bacon on it? (They shouldn't's AMAZING.) I'm thinking since Mr. Wonderful is making the invitations himself (isn't he really wonderful for taking part in the DIY aspect?), he can add one of those option cards to our know, "Please circle the cupcake of your choice." Though they'll probably have to be on the save-the-date cards so we can get the order in early enough. But—oh no—RSVP's don't come with save-the-date's! 

Any ideas for my first predicament in wedding planning?

P.S. The pic is of my mom in Audrey Hepburn's old haunt, Angelina's, in Paris...drinking Chocolate L'African (recipe for the famous hot chocolate here). 

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