December 01, 2009

The Dress and so much for DIY!

So much for DIY!

After talking to Mrs. Crispell, I decided it was more important that my parents and I enjoy the last day of "Alison Konrad" and the first day of "Alison Greiving" then being a completely DIY wedding.

So we now have a caterer! One of the nurses that comes to my house to help take care of my grandmother, has a sister who owns a catering company. I talked with the nurse this past week while I was home for thanksgiving. They've done many brunches and weddings, and basically said they can make whatever we to my ears, or shall I say food to my lips? So, for the brunch, the most important food item to me is something with smoked salmon, capers, and cream cheese...maybe a Bagel and Lox souffle! We shall see.

The backyard looks lovely, and coincidentally, we now have all the plants that blossom into the flowers I want to my bouquet. We'll see if they'll be in bloom by May...

But MOST importantly, I've found some direction as to the Wedding Dress! My mother and I have been looking for dresses in our price range that are modest (need no or little altering), and just today, I've found three! I've fallen in love. I want it to be a surprise of course but here's a link to a site of beautiful dresses of which I have selected one (Tim, don't look! <3). I'm also considering a J. Crew dress, and a 50's style dress created by Dolly Couture. I have not decided on one and probably won't for a bit. I am just overjoyed that I've finally found dresses that I like. Honestly, of the thousands I've looked at, I only like these three.

I feel a bit sloth-ish for not having posted anything in November, but I'm not even sure anyone checks other than my Maid of Honor. :). I'm just thankful to have a spot to keep me accountable to actually getting this wedding planned, as well as a space to organize my thoughts.

Love, Moi

P.S. I'm glad the pumpkin scone recipe was well received!  This thanksgiving, I baked to my hearts desire and my waistline's contempt and found this recipe. It is absolutly wonderful, the best, most delcious ginger bread I've ever had. ("hungry girl" forgot to write in the 1/2 c. brown sugar that was in the original Martha Stewart recipe. I assume t'was an accident). It is beautiful fresh and spicy!

Here's hungry girl por vida's picture of it...glorious!

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